Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

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Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

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Saunieren im Apart Lechner ist ein Genuss


If there’s a storm outside and it is snowing you wish for comforting warmth. And what could be nicer as if taking a sauna, having a good sweat in moist warmth in order to – thoroughly-warmed – brave the cold temperatures outside again? And because it’s not only nice but also healthy having a sauna is as usual a part of everyday life as skiing or cross-country skiing.

Bademantel und Hausschuhe mitbringen

Tips for properly taking a sauna:

To really be able to profit from all beneficial effects you have to precisely stick to the cycle of a sauna bath.

Take with you: big towel, 2 bath towels, bathrobe, slippers, ph-neutral body wash, low-calorie drinks and after-care for your skin as well as about 2 hours time.

Take a shower before the first session, use shower gel and towel yourself thoroughly. Do not enter the sauna wet because if you do so the water on your body has to evaporate before you start sweating.

If you are a beginner, sit on the undermost level where the temperature is lowest. Later on you should opt for the second or third level. Lay on your back because then your hole body is in one temperature zone. Exception: The sauna is full. If so, please just sit down and tuck up your leg.

Stay in the sauna for 8 – 12 minutes. Before you leave sit up and stay so for about a minute.

Aufgusskübel wird bereitgestellt

Cool down after every sauna session. There are various possibilities: You could go outside or into the fresh-air room in the nude. You could take a cold shower or go into the plunge pool. Lusty Finns or Swedes jump into ice-cold water or roll around in the snow. As the mood takes you. Anyway you should avoid warm showers because then there would be no training effect.

After cooling down you should relax. Snuggle into your bathrobe and lay down in the relax room. Drinking is allowed during the last after-rest. To compensate for the loss of mineral nutrients you should drink a lot.

It is common practice to take two or three sessions during one sauna.


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