Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

Appartements - Ferienwohnungen Lechner Pitztal-Tirol

Sommer und Winterurlaub im Pitztal in Tirol


Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

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Anfrage Ferienwohnung/appartement im Pitztal

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The Pitztal has a lot of special features. Next to an imposing glacier world at the rear valley and the mighty Wildspitze (highest mountain of Tyrol: 3.774 m) you will find many highlights on walking tours through the valley of great possibilities.

Earth pyramids in Arzl in the Pitztal

erdpyramiden-wald-arzl-im-pitztal01The earth pyramids are to be found in the Waldertal between the villages Roppen and Arzl and are true miracles of nature!
They are bizarre alteration formations that remained from sediments (morainea) of the last ice age (20.000 years ago). The top stones protected the so-called “Lahntürme” from further alteration.

The earth pyramids, the Luis Trenker steep track, the Piller moor with natural trail, ice falls and ice arena at the Pitztal Glacier, waterfalls and crystal-clear mountain lakes are parts of close-to-nature Pitztal holidays.

We can highly recommend walking-tours in the nature park Kaunergrat, to the wild animal experience path in Wald and to many other treasures in the Pitztal.

Luis-Trenker steep track in Arzl in the Pitztal

The Luis Trenker steep track named after the famous mountaineer from Arzl goes under a rope bridge through the Pitzenklamm to the Innschlucht. Steeply towering rock walls, rich flora and many glaciers enchant the visitor of this gorge.

Piller Moor with natural trail

Above the village Piller is the 20 hectare Piller moor at an altitude of 1.535 m which is one of the most beautiful high moors of Central Europe which developed near the end of the last ice age.

Today the Piller moor is divided into 2 parts: the since 1971 nature protected, undestroyed Latschenhochmoor and the northwestern Putzenmoor where people have come for turf since the 19th century.

Various presentation boards give information about the development as well as former economical use of the high moor and about the interesting flora and fauna.

Use our free bus transfer system in the entire Pitztal to visit this amazing places.


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