Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

Appartements - Ferienwohnungen Lechner Pitztal-Tirol

Sommer und Winterurlaub im Pitztal in Tirol


Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

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Anfrage Ferienwohnung/appartement im Pitztal

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Bringing down the cattle from the mountain pastures and church day in Jerzens

The cattle come down from their summer on Pitztal pastures back into the valley. That is accompanied by festivities.

The days get shorter, the landscape gets very colourful and on the pastures the season ends.

The farmers in the valley prepare the barns for the cattle coming down from the pastures and in the village centre many curious people wait for the adorned cattle.

Everyone who knows their roots is open for the future.

Religious festivities, rural events like the annual bringing down of the cattle in Jerzens and the festivities of the various unions are part of the annual cycle of the Pitztal population.

Historcial buildings like the Platzhaus in Wenns, numerous churches and chapels and the Brandopferplatz are symbols of the rich culture of the ancestors. Wood carvers created true true works of art and are still creatively working in the Pitztal. Particularly popular is the wood of the local stone pine that is permanently exhibited in the parish hall of Jerzens.

pitztal-tirol-europa-sommer-kultur-fasnachtWith a lot of love the tradition is still cultivated nowadays – whether at carnival, or with the custom of “Blochziehen” in St. Leonhard or with the singing of the Pitztal choir or at the theatre.

Historical mills, the milk pipeline in jerzens, the bringing down of the cattle from mountain pastures in September show the high significance of agriculture during the Pitztal alp summer.


We also recommend the more recent buildings, the Benni Raich bridge and the nature park house (at the nature park Kaunergrat, Pitztal), for a trip.


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