Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

Appartements - Ferienwohnungen Lechner Pitztal-Tirol

Sommer und Winterurlaub im Pitztal in Tirol


Special Offers for Holidays in the Alps

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Anfrage Ferienwohnung/appartement im Pitztal

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A hearty welcome on the adventure mountain Hochzeiger!

The Hochzeiger reputation as a hiking paradise does not come out of the blue. You will find family-friendly offers, Pitztaler hospitality, more than 100 km of marked hiking trails, great summer events, mountain bike trails, 3 signposted nordic walking trails and and and…


Discover the most beautiful ways through the Hochzeiger mountain and animal world!


The Hochzeiger in summer - from hikeable to likeable ...

  • From the valley station (1.450) with the cable car to the middle station Zeigerrestaurant (2.000 m) and if desired with the double chair lift up to 2.370 m to the top station Sechszeiger (only when the weather is good). There you have a fantastic view of the monumental mountain world (Zugspitze,…) Or you use our facilities to reach the valley going easy on your knees.
  • Our repertoire of hikes on the Hochzeiger ranges from walks to demanding tours
  • Discount for children & Bambini free pass
  • Hiking bus for free – bus schedule
  • Journey over the Fernpass without road charge
  • Our hiking area was awarded the Tyrolean mountain trails quality seal

HochzeigerA selection of the most beautiful hikes on the Hochzeiger:

Experience our hike Tipps in 3D – that’s how it works:



To watch the Hochzeiger hikes in 3D you need the Google Earth programme. The basis software of Google Earth can be downloaded here for free and install it on your computer.

After the installation please open the virtual hiking map of the Hochzeiger hiking mountain.

Now you can watch the following hiking tours virtually by clicking on the Google Earth symbol next to the letters A – G.


A Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger To the Sechszeiger 2.395 m, back to the pond, great panorama view (10 mins), country side pond (expanse of water 7.830 m²)


B Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger To the Sechszeiger, back to the country side pond, descent to the Kalbenalm, then either to the Jerzner Alm or directly to the cable car’s top station (1 hour 30 mins)


C Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger To the Sechszeiger, descent northwards to the Leiner Alm (1 hour) and then back to the valley station (1 hour 30 mins) – total time: 2 hours and 30 mins


D Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger Sechszeiger, descent northwards through the Oberlangtal to the Kalbenalm – then either to the Jerzner Alm or directly to the cable car’s top station (1 hour 45 mins)


E Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger Ridge walk to the Hochzeiger 2.560 m (1 hour 30 mins) descent over the Hochzeiger ridge (Path 11) to the top station of the Zollberg T-bar lift and onward to the cable car’s top station (1 hour); total time: 2 hours 30 mins


Longer mountain hikes starting at Sechszeiger top station:


F Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger Southward of the ridge for about 900 m, descent to the rear valley floor of the Wenner mountain, downhill to the Kalbenhütte, ascent to the Tröghütte, then to the Leiner Alm and back to the valley station; total time: about 5 hours


G Google Earth Pitztal Hochzeiger To the Hochzeiger then to the upper Riegetal to the Groaßsee and to the Wildgrat (about 4 hours), back to the cable car’s top station (about 2 hours 45 mins); total time: about 6 hours 45 mins


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